Strong Hearts and Strong Hands

Strong Hearts and Strong Hands After college, I secured a $25,000 grant and used it to travel across the country, volunteering at elder care facilities and completing portraits of residents. In order to confront our cultural aversion to interaction with aging bodies, the final installation includes large-scale images wired with individual speakers and suspended from… Read More

Virtue in my Veins

Virtue in my Veins During the long hours spent in an intensive care waiting room with my father, I documented the visiting experience using an early 2000s camera phone. I abstracted these photographs and superimposed them upon images of him at more vital times. I sized the images to 14x17—standard chest x-ray dimensions—then printed them… Read More

Paper Wings

Paper Wings When I first volunteered with an adult literacy group in New Orleans, I had trouble identifying who were teachers and who were students. When photographing those involved, I created straightforward silver gelatin portraits that lent dignity to each subject regardless of academic status, thereby removing benchmarks identifying the levels of struggle or success that brought each… Read More


Mastication Mastication features the physical detritus that results from oral fixation. These objects, mangled, convoluted and grotesque as they are, represent the myriad issues we mull over, conquer and discard in the course of our daily dealings. By imaging these micro-sculptures several times life-size, in candy-colored tones, I invite the viewer to consider their comfort… Read More

Someone Has To Die

Someone Has To Die During 2002-2004, I photographed Davey von Bohlen, lead singer of the genre-defining band The Promise Ring. Using his lyrics as a starting point, I used medium format transparency film to capture Davey's life at home and on the road. Carrying a large, heavy studio camera to shoot candid images slowed my… Read More